Running tests in JUnit 5 9
Learn how to run tests in JUnit 5 in this tutorial by Boni García, an active member on the free open source software (FOSS) community, who owns the open source projects WebDriverManager and selenium-jupiter (JUnit 5 extension for Selenium). JUnit 5 was designed to be modern (that is, using Java […]

Running tests in JUnit 5

Cloud testing or Testing as a Service includes functional and non functional testing of the applications. It can be used for verification and validations of various enterprise applications, infrastructure, and environment that are available on demand and owned by the organizations or individuals.

Cloud Testing 101

As all applications now a day’s requires use of media, mobile, analytics, and cloud. So for testing the applications tester needs to individually test each of these four technologies. If an integrated technology is created as SMAC technology it will be much more efficient to test as compared to Test […]

SMAC Testing

Cloud computing is a new and disruptive paradigm that IT departments are embracing with lot of excitements to reap visible benefits of cost over the time, agility, efficiency, governance, innovative service capabilities, self-service experience and so on.

SMAC: Testing and Cloud Computing

In today’s fast paced competitive environment; It is becoming challenging to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Though it is the key aspect to increase wallet share and grow in market. To know more about customer’s mindset, organizations are trying to gather responses from them and analyze the data received.

SMAC: Testing and Analytics

The rapid increase of mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets are  compelling test engineers to rethink testing strategies as they can’t apply same approach they follow for desktop applications or traditional applications.

SMAC: Mobile Testing

In last article we discussed about What is SMAC:Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud.  In this article we will discuss Testing and Social Media. Today, major organizations are into social networks like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and so on for launching, marketing or selling their products and services online.

SMAC: Testing and Social Media

Whenever we talk about testing we come across many words such as defect, bug, fault, risk, error, failure and so on which seems to be very confusing. We are not able to differentiate them properly because meaning of these entire words look same on a broader way. But in actual […]

Testing Terminology 101