Individual who decided what needs to be done for a Project. He performs different tasks including creating a product backlog (as he is aware of the business requirements – it is an activity that lasts till the project gets over. Based on Business requirements owner updates product backlog), she or […]

Product Owner in Agile

System or Application evolves as per time. Things CHANGE and we need to adapt based on the changes. It is all about delivering desired outcome to customers by accommodating changes. Significant aspect of Agile is Team work and collaboration. It is no BIG BANG but it is an iterative / […]

What is Agile Scrum

In modern environment, delivering innovative idea in a fast and reliable manner is extremely significant for any organizations. Application Delivery is a time bound yet slow, repetitive and hence cumbersome, multifaceted, and error prone process. In the existing scenario, Insurance industry need to better respond to dynamic market requirements, faster […]

Need of DevOps in Modern Era

In previous article we discussed about Introduction to Agile Scrum in 2 Minutes Visual Studio Team Services-VSTS is perfect complement to IDE but not IDE itself. It provides facility to share code, track work, and ship application– for any language.    Visit

Getting Started Visual Studio Team Services FREE

Scrum: Agile Development Practices (Agile Methodology) ·         Product o   Feature Requests are also known as User Stories (Stress on End user perspective) §  Collection of all user stories are known as Product Backlog ·         Once product backlog is ready, we need to finalize User stories that needs to be included […]

Introduction to Agile Scrum in 2 Minutes