Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure – Cloud Platform and Services

This chapter covers details about basics of Cloud computing, DevOps overview, benefits of PaaS in DevOps Culture, and Microsoft Azure – Cloud Platform and Services.

It will cover required PaaS offering from Microsoft that are necessary for deploying Web Application. This chapter also covers basic concepts of Microsoft Cloud that are important to create, use, and manage Platform services effectively for deploying application.

In this chapter, we are going to cover the following topics.

  • Overview of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and aPaaS
  • Role and Benefits of PaaS and aPaaS in DevOps
  • Overview of Microsoft Azure Services
  • Overview of concepts related to Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing is a type of computing that provides multi-tenant or dedicated computing resources such as compute, storage, and network are delivered to Cloud consumers on demand. It comes in different flavours that includes Cloud Deployment Models and Cloud Service Models.

DevOps is more about a culture of an organization, processes, and technology to develop communication and collaboration between Development and IT Operations teams to manage application lifecycle more effectively than the existing ways of doing it. We often tend to work based on patterns to find reusable solutions from similar kind of problems or challenges.

In this book, we will use PaaS offering of Microsoft Azure such as App Services, Database Services, and Storage Services. We will also utilize other services such as Azure Active Directory, App Insights, and Traffic Manager. We will use all this services for managing application lifecycle for tasks such as application deployment, database, authentication, monitoring, and high availability.

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