Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Getting Started with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

In this chapter, we will introduces the Visual Studio Team Services and sample application structure that is necessary to understand before automating process of building and deploying application in desired environment. We will cover basics of agile process framework supported in the VSTS. This chapter also explains how to use VSTS to manage Code and integrate VSTS with Eclipse IDE so check in process can be managed directly from IDE.


Brief summary of covered topics are as below:

  • Introduction of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  • Creating free account of VSTS
  • Configuration and user management in VSTS
  • Overview of agile in VSTS
  • Overview of sample JEE application
  • Eclipse integration with TFS Online in VSTS

VSTS is a cloud based service offering from Microsoft that provides TFS version. Interestingly, that runs on Microsoft Azure. VSTS provides 3 different types of accounts and in this book, we will use personal account only. As we already discussed regarding different components to develop DevOps Culture, Source control systems are an important and integral part of the end to end automation process. It is at the core of the DevOps Culture.

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