Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Continuous Monitoring in Cloud Platform

We have already completed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery part of vision for application deployment. In this chapter, we cover another stepping stone in achieving end to end automation and that is Continuous Monitoring.

We will cover importance of monitoring  and different ways to monitor and troubleshoot Azure Web Apps and App Service Environment so we can ensure that application remain problem free and highly available.

  • Overview of Continuous Monitoring
  • Azure Web Apps Diagnose and Monitoring
  • Azure App Insights for Application monitoring
  • Architecture of Disaster recovery and High availability of Azure Web Apps
  • Create and Configure Traffic Manager with Endpoints
  • Performance Testing using JMeter

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery results into faster time to market. That said, what if something goes wrong in this automated approach? Do we still need to do manual things or any automated or hybrid approach is available to monitor and manage this automation process?

Another question is what to monitor?

Following points can be some of the factors that needs monitoring:

  • Static Code Analysis – Code is not upto quality gate defined
  • Failure of Continuous Integration process
  • Infrastructure or platform issues where application needs to be deployed
  • Application issues

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