Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Continuous Integration with VSTS

In the last chapter, we covered details on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). In this chapter, we will see how to utilize VSTS for Continuous Integration. We will use sample spring application available on the GitHub and try to integrate it with VSTS.

We have already seen in the Chapter 2 how to use Team Foundation Version Control; in this chapter, we will also see how to create a project where code is managed in Git.

This chapter shows how to configure application code for automated compilation, unit test case execution, and notifying important stakeholders on the status of the build execution in case of failures and success.

  • Overview of Continuous Integration
  • Creating a build definition for VSTS Project
  • Configuration of Continuous Build Integration in VSTS
  • Unit Test Execution for Automated Testing
  • Continuous Feedback on Build execution
  • Git Project in VSTS

After this chapter, we are ready for deployment of the package file (WAR file in case of sample application) once build execution is successful.

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