Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Azure App Service Environments

This chapter is a bit more theoretical but covers a premium service of Microsoft Azure platform that can be used for specific use cases that Azure Web Apps may not be able to handle effectively. Other than that, it is important to know why we are covering Azure Web Apps and App Service Environment. The reason behind that is it is equally important to have environment ready for package deployment. When we consider it in the context of Java, we need to deploy WAR file in different environment. Here, we are dealing with Platform as a Service so we need not to worry about installing runtime environment else we also need to find ways to automate it.

This chapter not only covers creating App service environments but also provides detailed comparison on Azure Web Apps and App Service Environment to enhance security. Security is one of the important parts of application lifecycle management and hence this service increase the value in the context of DevOps.

  • Overview of App Service Environment
  • Create and configure App Service Environment
  • Enforce HTTP redirection to HTTPS on Azure Web Apps
  • Filtering traffic by IP and Dynamic IP restrictions
  • Compare ASE and Non-ASE (Azure Web Apps) environments

An App Service Environment or ASE provides dedicated and isolated environment to run Azure App Services. ASE is a premium service offered in Microsoft Azure. It provide more instances to scale if Azure Web Apps is hosted in ASE. In Azure Web App, we have a networking section where we can integrate Azure Web App with Azure Virtual Network. In ASE, we can host Azure Web Apps in the Virtual Network itself. In other words, ASE can be created in the subnet of a Virtual Network. As they are deployed in a Virtual Network created by account owner.

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