JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group

10.1 Apache JMeter Thread Group

Thread properties

10.1 Apache JMeter Thread Group

  • No of Threads (Users)- Specify the no. of users for which performance of the AUT is to be checked. By default performance for one user will be tested.
  • Ramp Up Period – It is the time in which all users will be activated. For eg. If the no of users is 10 and Ramp up period is 20 then in every 2 seconds users will be activated i.e. hitting the server. By default it is set one sec.
  • Loop Count- Here ypu can specify the no of times request needs to be executed. For eg. If no of users is 1 and there are 10 requests and loop count is 5 then total 50 times request will be executed for a single user. If checkbox for Forever is checked then it will execute the requests for infinite loops
  • Scheduler- This is used to schedule the jmeter script execution. Suppose you want to test the performance of application during non business hours i.e. in night so you can schedule it and it will run at the schedule time. Checkbox for Scheduler should be checked
  • Scheduler configuration- As soon as the scheduler checkbox is checked this section will be enabled
    • Durations (seconds) – Here you can specify the duration for which test should be executed
    • Startup delays- Here you can provide any initial delay if required
    • Start Time: Specify the date and time when test execution should be started
    • End Time: Specify the date and time when test execution should be ended

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