JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group Listeners

It is used the view the test results. Various types of listeners are available in Jmeter. Some of commonly used are:

  • View Results in Table
  • View Results Tree
  • Graph results
  • Aggregate Report
  • Assertion Results
  • Assertion Graph and many more…

 Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners

To analyze the performance of the application listeners are used. Two types of functions are provided by them:

1) To listen/ create the test results on running the script

2) To save, read, view the saved results

  • View Results tree:

 It shows the sample response for every request, along with this it shows the time and provides the capability to view response received for every sample. It provides responses in various ways such as:

  • Text
  • Document
  • HTML
  • JSON
  • XPATH Tester
  • CSS/JQUERY Tester

But is has one disadvantage. It should not be used during load test as it consumes lot of memory and CPU

 Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners

 Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners

  • Aggregate Report

It displays the results in table form for every sample request. Various types of information is provided in the table such as average time for every sample, Median, 90% Line, 95% Line, Error %, Max, Min, Throughput and so on.

Note: If timers are included in the test plan then that time will also be included in the calculations

Data can be directly copied and pasted in an excel as per the requirement or save button is provided at the end to save the complete table

 Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners

Graph Results: This displays the result in the form of Graph. It will display the variations in Average, Median, Deviation, and Throughput.

For good performance: Deviation should be as low as possible and Throughput should be as high as possible.

 Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners


These are used to validate the response received from the application/server under load.Various types of assertions can be added which depends on the response that needs to be validated.

Commonly used assertions:

  • HTML Assertion
  • Size Assertion
  • Response Assertion
  • Bean Shell Assertion
  • Duration Assertion

Response Assertion: This assertion can be used to validate the response received from the server.  Responses such as Text Response, Response code, response Message, and so on can be validated.

E.g. to add validate response code, select the Response Code radio button and click on add button.

 Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners

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