JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group Config Elements

These elements are used for setting the variables and defaults. Various types of variables can be set using Config elements.

Apache JMeter Thread Group Config Elements

  • CSV Data Set Config: This can be used for declaring variables having multiple values. You just have to create a text file having the data values for all the variables using any delimeter for e.g ,(comma). Save the text file using ‘csv’ extension.

File name: Mention the csv file name here created in above step.

Variable names: Mention all the variables for which values are mentioned in the csv file using comma separation.

 Delimiter: Mention the delimiter which is used for separating the values on csv file

Recycle on EOF? : Here you can specify whether you want to recycle the data values for variables declared.

 Stop Thread on EOF? Here you can specify whether to stop thread execution on reaching the EOF

Apache JMeter Thread Group Config Elements

  • HTTP Cookie Manager: It stores and sends the cookies to browser

If any response or http requests consists of cookies it will get automatically stored in cookie manager while recording and it can be used in future when this response or requests is run again for that application

  •  HTTP Cache Manager: This provides caching functionality to HTTP request in Jmeter to stimulate real browser caching. Each user in jmeter will have its own cache

Execution order of these elements is important:

  • Firstly Configuration elements will execute followed by Pre Processors (if applied) followed by Timers(if applied) then Samplers followed by Post Processors (if applied) then Assertions( if applied) and at the end Listeners
  • Samplers and Logic Controllers are processed in the order in which they are available in the Test Plan.

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