JMeter Tutorial: Overview of JMeter

Apache JMeter is an Open Source tool used for performance testing. It comes under Apache project with Apache License 2.0.  It is purely based on java and can be used for non functional testing, functional testing for some scenarios (e.g. registering of form with different users), and regression testing and so on.

It was developed by Steffano Mozzachi at Apache software Foundation.

It supports various protocols which are mentioned in the below diagram:

Protocols Supported by JMeter

Features of Jmeter

  • Open source Software
  • Jmeter is platform independent. It is java based application so it can be run on multiple platforms.
  • Friendly GUI makes it easier to use
  • Easy Installation. You just have to download the jmeter and run .bat file to work with Jmeter
  • User Simulation. With the help of Jmeter many virtual users with concurrent threads can be created for performance testing.
  • Analysis of test results. Jmeter enables to visualize and analyze the results using graph, chart, table and so on.
  • Jmeter can be integrated with Selenium and Bean Shell
  • Multiple testing such as load testing, functional testing, distributed testing is possible using Jmeter.
  • Jmeter provides Record and Playback feature.

Workflow of Jmeter

Basically Jmeter works in three steps:

  • It sends request to the server under test
  • Receives the responses in various forms as code, message and so on and saves them
  • Analyzes the results and generates the report

Our objective in this tutorial is to cover basic to advanced aspects of learning of Apache JMeter. We will cover following things:

  • Installation of Apache JMeter in Windows Operating System
  • Configuring the Jmeter in Windows Operating System for Proxy
  • Details of all essential elements of JMeter
    • Test Plan
    • Workbench
    • Thread Group
    • Config Elements
    • Listeners
    • Assertions
    • Timers
    • Pre Processors
    • Post Processors
  • Recording of script using JMeter

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