JMeter Tutorial: Installation

In this article we will see how to install Apache JMeter and will see its Graphical User Interface.


Below are the necessary conditions which should be fulfilled before installing the Jmeter

  • Java Version : JVM 7 or higher
  • Operating System : Windows, Linux ,Mac OS

As Jmeter is Java based application, so before installing Jmeter make sure Java is installed on the machine. Java’s latest version can be downloaded from the below link

  • JMeter latest release can be downloaded from
  • Click on ” Download Releases” in the left trail of the page as mentioned in below screenshot

 Apache JMeter Home Page

  • Choose the binary file(either  zip or tgz) to download the apache Jmeter ( For windows choose zip file and for OS other than windows select tgz file)
  • 3. Download Apache JMeter Home PageTo start Jmeter, Unzip the downloaded folder in any directory where you want jmeter

JMeter Folder

  • Now  click on bin folder- and click on jmeter.bat file ( for windows), file ( for Linux and Mac ).

Apache JMeter Installation Folder


  • Below Jmeter window gets opened ( First console will open and then Jmeter GUI will get open). On closing console or Jmeter GUI both will get closed.

Apache JMeter GUI


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