Story Conversation in Agile Scrum


Story Conversation is all about drilling down story details and validates exact requirements. It helps all cross functional team to implement user stories in correct manner.

My Experiences:

We had multiple conversation with Product Owner and BAs. More often with BAs, All queries from the offshore team were discussed and conversation was recorded and stories were edited based on the discussions.

In earlier Sprint Meetings, we realized that there are too many queries from cross functional development teams and hence we decided to keep another level of meeting (pre-meeting) to understand all user stories which we may include in the next sprint.

Initially we thought it is a additional time we are giving but in Sprint Meeting we realized that it helped in reduction of time as our understanding was far better when we were in Sprint Meeting.

What I feel:

Story Conversations should focus on the entire team and it must not be hijacked by a specific team. In such scenario visible benefits of Story Conversation is not gained and it results into waste of time.

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