Definition of Done in Agile Scrum


Code does what I need to do. Definition of Done is a exremely important in the Agile Scrum. It is kind of a Checklist or Bulleted points on what is acceptable in terms of final outcome or in which condition we can conclude that implementation of a specific feature is “Done.”

My Experiences:

Defines criteria what team members needed to do. It was discussed between BAs and Customer. Product Owner provided a Microsoft Word document which has all the details regarding “Definition of Done” into it.

It was list of points which we needed to adhere to so that it can be considered as “Done.”

Once a feature falls in the category of “Definition of Done” then it means that feature is delivered not only in terms of functionality but also it pass different quality tests as well.

Definition of Done is for a feature, for a sprint, for a release, etc.

Example of Definition of Done includes below points:

  • Code is written to implement a feature considering coding standards.
  • Code is commented, verified and executed against current version in repository
  • Code is considered for Peer review process
  • Unit tests are written and all tests are executed successfully
  • Code builds without errors (Better to use Continuous Integration tools for faster build integration and unit test execution)
  • Code is deployed to Test environment and passed system tests
  • Passed User Acceptance Testing and signed off
  • Any build/environment/deployment/configuration changes implemented/documented/communicated considering pre-defined process
  • Documentation/ Architecture diagrams or other diagrams are created and updated

What I feel:

Definition of Done / Checklist has to be explained and given to the cross functional teams before they start their work on First sprint itself. It is better to have all the teams on same page when it comes to Definition of Done. All the required documents such as coding standards, other configuration related details, etc. have to be provided so all teams adheres to it,

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