Daily Archives: April 15, 2016

Description: Product backlog is a list of features created by Product owner for the Development team to implement. Priorities are set in the Product backlog and it helps development team to implement them considering their importance. It takes place of requirement specification artifacts in the Agile methodology when we compare […]

Product Backlog in Agile Scrum

Description: Code does what I need to do. Definition of Done is a exremely important in the Agile Scrum. It is kind of a Checklist or Bulleted points on what is acceptable in terms of final outcome or in which condition we can conclude that implementation of a specific feature […]

Definition of Done in Agile Scrum

Description: In Simple English, we can consider User Story as description of a specific feature of an application which is being developed in Agile Scrum. It describes in details regarding who wants that feature, what they need and whey they need it. It is more of a simplified version of […]

Stories and Epics in Agile Scrum