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Description: Non Documentation but still there is some need of documentation which is required to keep track. My Experiences: In my experience, we did created a Reference Architecture document; There was no process document as such Design Specification and Test Specification and other stuff but we created “How to Guides” […]

Documentation in Agile Scrum

Description: Retrospectives are the meetings of all stakeholders to know about what worked and what didn’t. It is a part of every sprint and it helps to improve the Agile process. It is more about experience and how to use it to improve in coming sprints and decrease the errors. […]

Scrum Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Description: Sprint Planning involves story selection based on highest priorities for a specific sprint. Capacity of team also taken into considerations. It involves Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum team Members. My Experiences: As a Offshore team we used to be involved in the discussion and Sprint planning.

Sprint Planning in Agile Scrum

Description: Teams of equals; Self-Organizing; No Egos; No PM No Leader; Willing to Analyze, design, code, test, and document. My Experiences: In a Team, we had members from different domains such as Infrastructure, Database, Development and Testing; There was a hybrid management where PM was introduced but it didn’t work […]

Agile Scrum Team Members

Description: Agile Master or Master – Guide and support but NOT a Project Manager. My Experiences: For Onsite and Offshore team we had two different SCRUM Master. They played a good role but still believe It was important for the team to have good understanding of all concepts of Agile […]

What is Scrum Master

Description: Individual who decided what needs to be done for a Project. He is responsible for creating a vision and deciding constraints. She or he is responsible for synchronizing business objectives and implementation aspects. Their objective should be to maximize RoI with faster time to market and utilizing capabilities of […]

Role of Agile Scrum Product Owner