How to install and add JRE7 in Eclipse? 1

If you want to install JRE7 in Eclipse then we have given step by step details in this article.

Download Java and Install it.

Download Eclipse and Open it.

In Eclipse window, Right Click on Java Project and Click Properties -> Click on Library Tab -> Select Java Build Path.

Verify if “JARs and class folders on build path” section -> Unbound
install and add JRE7 in Eclipse


43.1 properties-of-java-project

Select the Unbound JRE in the Libraries and Click on Edit

43.2 jre-system-library1


You will get warning or Error: No JRE in workspace compatible with specified execution environment JAVA SE-1.7

Click on Alternate JRE Option -> Click on Installed JREs button (Don’t click on Finish Yet)

43.3 jre-system-library-in-eclipse


It will open a Dialogue box for Installed JREs and Click on Add.

43.4 eclipse-preferences


Now Select the Type pf JREs -> Select Standard VM -> Click Next

43.5 add-jre


Click on the Directory button to Select JRE7 Home Directory in Specify attributes for a JRE Dialogue box->  Click Finish

43.6 jre-definition


Verify whether newly added JRE7 is in the list or not. Click Ok

43.7 installed-jre7


Now select Select JRE7 in Alternate JRE

43.8 jre7-in-jre-system-library


Click Finish and verify whether Unbound error is gone or not.

43.9 jre-7-installed-and-added-in-eclipse


Let’s verify…

43.10 unbound-error-solved-in-eclipse
JRE7 is installed and Unbound classpath container or Build Path Problem or Build Path Entry Missing Error is resolved 🙂 also.

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