DevTest on Cloud

Problem Statement:

Traditional Dev/Test environment include frequent implementation of steps manually. It is costly and increases “Time to market”. Dev/Test infrastructure has unstable capacity demand than production infrastructure. In Dev/Test environment resource availability, proper capacity, and stability is essential during SDLC.


Cloud-based environment allows the computing resources and infrastructure to be provisioned with complete flexibility – elastically consuming them in an on-demand way to allow the project to proceed with less overhead.

DevTest on Cloud

Cloud management platform can be used for managing cloud infrastructure from multiple providers. With the use of Cloud management platforms, we can to define, apply, maintain and manage various environments like Staging and QA, Production. Open source or commercial but cloud aware testware can be used with existing TestBase to verify the quality of the application at various phases.

Key Findings:

  • A Dev/Test solution in cloud ensures cost-effectiveness.
  • No need for up-front investment in Dev/Test infrastructure resources.
  • Dev/Test environment can be made available within few hours by avoiding approval and resource acquiring process. Pre-configured components to get you started fast.
  • Dev/Test solution in cloud is likely to make developers and testers less reluctant to run complex test suites on their code. Several hard-to-reproduce problems that can arise from defects during complex deployments are no longer imaginary and can be recreated easily.
  • Focus on End-Product – enables to spend negligible time configuring hardware and managing resources, less time fixing errors and reworking code, and more time on experimenting, developing, and testing the quality of product.
  • Superior Quality Product – Because you can run more tests in less time with sufficient and scalable resources.

Business drivers

  • To reduce cost: Significant costs to setup test labs and test harnesses, including hardware, software Licenses and configure costs
  • Agile, on-demand provisioning of all “data center resources”
  • Fast scale-up or scale-down of resources, with utility-based pricing model
  • Proficient Resource management
  • Resource management, which can be time-bound.
  • Approval of Resources (Workflow management)
  • Time-to-Market  improvement (Immediate project set up, Decreased Testing time, Product Lifecycle optimization)
  • Competitive Advantage: The ability to do development and testing, better, faster, or at lower cost than the competitor.

Technical drivers

  • Public Cloud: Dynamically scalable and often virtualized Internet service resources
  • Cloud Management platform: To define, apply, maintain and manage various environments like Staging and QA, Production.
  • Cloud aware Testwares.

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