Learn about face detection program in this article by Xuanyi Chew, the chief data scientist of a Sydney-based logistics startup. He is the primary author of Gorgonia, an open source deep learning package for Go. This article will show you how to build multiple facial detection systems in GoCV (Go […]

Using GoCV and Pigo for Face Detection Program

Jenkins Logo 1
Following are some useful Best Practices that will help you to manage Jenkins and Automation is a better way: Role based Access – Configure Active Directory Enable Folder and Project based security for Better Governance. Provide only Required rights based on the position of Associates Use Folders with Hierarchy to […]

Administering Jenkins – Best Practices

SonarQube Code Analysis
There are multiple DevOps Practices such as Continuous Code Inspection. Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring, Configuration Management, Cloud Computing, and so on. There are many Open Source and Commercial Tools that are utilized in different categories based on culture of an organization. In this article I have compiled details […]

Best DevOps Tools 2018 and 2019

Learn how to use LingPipe for text classification in this tutorial by Richard M Reese, the author of several Java books and a C Pointer book. Various Natural Language Processing (NLP) APIs can be used to perform text classification. Classification uses predefined categories. You can use OpenNLP, Stanford API, or LingPipe to demonstrate the […]

Using LingPipe to Classify Text

Running tests in JUnit 5 9
Learn how to run tests in JUnit 5 in this tutorial by Boni García, an active member on the free open source software (FOSS) community, who owns the open source projects WebDriverManager and selenium-jupiter (JUnit 5 extension for Selenium). JUnit 5 was designed to be modern (that is, using Java […]

Running tests in JUnit 5

Static Website Hosting with Amazon S3 8
Learn how Amazon S3 allows you to host a static website in this tutorial by Sunil Gulabani. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a web storage service accessed via the HTTP protocol using a web service interface. It is used to store/retrieve files centrally over the internet, which helps developers to create applications that […]

Static Website Hosting with Amazon S3

This tutorial by Mohammed Waly, the author of Hands-On Networking with Azure, explains the creation of an Azure Application Gateway in 6 simple steps. In 2015, Microsoft announced one of its coolest and most important enterprise networking solutions in Azure—the Azure Application Gateway. Ever since then, this service has witnessed many enhancements […]

How to Create an Azure Application Gateway

Learn encryption in AWS KMS in this tutorial by Zeal Vora, a DevSecOps engineer in defensive security. Key management service AWS KMS is a managed service that allows users to create and control the secret keys, which use HSM on the backend. In this approach, customers do not get a dedicated […]

Encryption in AWS KMS

Learn how to work with web content in a JavaFX application in this book excerpt from Mastering JavaFX 10 by Sergey Grinev. The WebView component is a component that can render modern HTML pages. It’s based on WebKit (https://webkit.org/), a widely used open-source browser engine. WebView consists of two parts: WebViewitself, which is a […]

How to Incorporate Web Content into a JavaFX Application