These are the requests send by Jmeter to the server. It waits till the response is received. Various types of samplers are available as per the request to be sent. Commonly used are: HTTP Request JDBC Request FTP Request   HTTP Request All the recordings done by Jmeter will be […]

JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group Samplers

Apache JMeter Thread Group Samplers
These are used to provide delay between various requests within same thread group or within various thread groups. Timers can be applied at test level, thread level, controller level, and request level. Some of the commonly used Timers are: Constant Timer: These timers are used to provide a constant delay. […]

JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group Timers

Apache JMeter Thread Group Listeners
It is used the view the test results. Various types of listeners are available in Jmeter. Some of commonly used are: View Results in Table View Results Tree Graph results Aggregate Report Assertion Results Assertion Graph and many more…   To analyze the performance of the application listeners are used. […]

JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group Listeners

10.1 Apache JMeter Thread Group
This is one of the most important element in Jmeter as it is used to define the no. of users for which the performance is to be calculated It provides capability to Set ‘No. of Threads’, ‘Ramp Up time’ , ‘No. of Iterations’ Thread properties No of Threads (Users)- Specify […]

JMeter Tutorial: Thread Group

9.1 Apache JMeter Workbench
Elements can be stored here temporarily Provides the capability to copy and paste the elements under Test Plan or Thread Group On saving or running the Test Plan, elements within workbench will not be saved or executed Workbench can be saved explicitly by selecting it and right clicking on it […]

JMeter Tutorial: Workbench

Apache JMeter Test Plan
It is considered as container of Jmeter. It contains various thread groups, controllers, and listeners using which the performance testing script can be created. Every Test Plan should have at least one thread group. Without a thread group performance testing will not be possible Jmeter can be used for functional […]

JMeter Tutorial: Test Plan

In this article we will see how to install Apache JMeter and will see its Graphical User Interface. Prerequisites: Below are the necessary conditions which should be fulfilled before installing the Jmeter Java Version : JVM 7 or higher Operating System : Windows, Linux ,Mac OS As Jmeter is Java […]

JMeter Tutorial: Installation