Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure
In this chapter, we will introduces the Visual Studio Team Services and sample application structure that is necessary to understand before automating process of building and deploying application in desired environment. We will cover basics of agile process framework supported in the VSTS. This chapter also explains how to use […]

Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Getting Started with Visual Studio ...

Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure
This chapter covers details about basics of Cloud computing, DevOps overview, benefits of PaaS in DevOps Culture, and Microsoft Azure – Cloud Platform and Services. It will cover required PaaS offering from Microsoft that are necessary for deploying Web Application. This chapter also covers basic concepts of Microsoft Cloud that […]

Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure – Cloud Platform ...

The waterfall model is a traditional way of creating an application where systems development life cycle (SDLC) is managed. It is a classical approach considering sequential development method. It has predefined phases to manage SDLC. Let’s consider how Waterfall looks like in real world. Water falls from the cliff or […]

How Waterfall Model Works

Technical benefits: Continuous software delivery Less complex problems to fix Faster resolution of problems Effective release management process allows superior leverage of distributed and/or outsourced development effort   Business benefits: Faster delivery of features More stable operating environments More time available to add value (rather than fix/maintain) Enable faster delivery […]

Benefits of DevOps with Tools and Technologies

In modern environment, delivering innovative idea in a fast and reliable manner is extremely significant for any organizations. Application Delivery is a time bound yet slow, repetitive and hence cumbersome, multifaceted, and error prone process. In the existing scenario, Insurance industry need to better respond to dynamic market requirements, faster […]

Need of DevOps in Modern Era

Problem Statement: Traditional Dev/Test environment include frequent implementation of steps manually. It is costly and increases “Time to market”. Dev/Test infrastructure has unstable capacity demand than production infrastructure. In Dev/Test environment resource availability, proper capacity, and stability is essential during SDLC. Solution: Cloud-based environment allows the computing resources and infrastructure […]

DevTest on Cloud