What is Cloud Storage? In simple terms, cloud storage is storage of data in digital form. Its structure is comprised of multiple servers that are located at different locations. This physical structure of storage is governed by the hosting company which provides the cloud services. This physical structure of storage […]

Introduction to Riak S2

Typical IT environment consists of compute, storage, and network resources duplicated across many business units in same organization. Resources are under-utilized and wasted due to over provisioning or Application performance suffers due to under provisioning of resources. Cloud computing includes a spectrum of many deployment models. Some thought leaders call […]

What is Private Cloud?

Organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality solutions in an era dominated by Economic pressures and rigid deadlines. In addition, developing innovative solutions that streamline business processes has become an imperative to gain competitive advantage. Building applications even on a cloud service providers’ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) […]

Build Applications using Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Cloud adoption is an increasing trend considering cost benefits and agility benefits it provides. Organizations need to deliver rapid and innovative cloud-based solutions while maintaining existing governance best practices with accurate risk assessment, and compliance management for enhancing its security standards.   How do you best incorporate security, governance, and […]

Overview of Cloud Security

Just an Idea for simple utility that helps to take Secure and Selective Backup/Restore on Cloud Helpful Features File versioning facilitates rollback/restoration for a specific point in time. Takes backup of critical files irrespective of traditional / hosted / cloud environment. Hybrid Encryption: AES and RSA Encryption for Faster and effective […]

Secure and Selective Backup/Restore on Cloud