Role of Agile Scrum Product Owner


Individual who decided what needs to be done for a Project. He is responsible for creating a vision and deciding constraints. She or he is responsible for synchronizing business objectives and implementation aspects. Their objective should be to maximize RoI with faster time to market and utilizing capabilities of team in an effective manner.

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Backlog Grooming in Agile Scrum


Backlog is owned by Product Owner; Backlog grooming is about verification and prioritization of Backlog. New stories are added and Epics are decomposed. Definition of Done are described. Story points are estimated, stories are prioritized and scheduled for sprints.

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Story Point Estimation in Agile Scrum


Story Point Estimation in Agile Scrum: How much effort it will take and how many hours will take? Total Team Effort not in Hours though. It is about RELATIVE size.

My Experiences:

In the Story Conversation process, we decided which is the mid level complexity holding story. We considered it as our base and based on that we decided which other stories are less complex or more complex considering this specific story. Each team estimate it differently based on the context of the story, their involvement in the implementation, sprint duration, and capabilities of their team to execute it.

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Product Owner in Agile

Individual who decided what needs to be done for a Project. He performs different tasks including creating a product backlog (as he is aware of the business requirements – it is an activity that lasts till the project gets over. Based on Business requirements owner updates product backlog), she or he decides sequence of backlog based on the business value and priority, she or he represents the customer and works as a facilitator in all the communication and clarifications required by the project team. She or he creates a vision and drives end to end activities from 10000 feet and if requires he is very much available for discussions required to fix things. Continue reading “Product Owner in Agile”

What is Agile Scrum

System or Application evolves as per time. Things CHANGE and we need to adapt based on the changes. It is all about delivering desired outcome to customers by accommodating changes. Significant aspect of Agile is Team work and collaboration. It is no BIG BANG but it is an iterative / incremental approach. It is an umbrella term that includes many methodologies such as SCRUM, Extreme Programming, etc. It is more about approach while Scrum is an implementation. Continue reading “What is Agile Scrum”

Introduction to Agile Scrum in 2 Minutes

Scrum: Agile Development Practices (Agile Methodology)
·         Product
o   Feature Requests are also known as User Stories (Stress on End user perspective)
§  Collection of all user stories are known as Product Backlog
·         Once product backlog is ready, we need to finalize User stories that needs to be included in current release cycle
o   These finalized user stories for release are known as Release Backlog