Fairies and TechnoBuddy: Cloud Computing Models

Fairies: Buddy, Thank you so much for explaining us about Cloud Computing in our last conversation. Can you please tell us more on types of Cloud?
TechnoBuddy: Sure dear Fairies. Cloud Computing is categorized in two kinds pf models 1) Cloud Deployment models and 2) Cloud Service models
Fairies: What is the difference between Cloud Deployment models and Cloud Service models? Continue reading “Fairies and TechnoBuddy: Cloud Computing Models”

Virtualisation and its Evolution over the Years

Early on, IT administrators began to realize that conventional methods of handling IT environments were no longer effective because of the rapid changes in requirements in agile business environments. The demand for the faster time-to-market for applications, the installation or upgrade requests, the need to quickly apply security patches to operating systems and applications, and many other management complications led to a new strategy for server handling and management. Continue reading “Virtualisation and its Evolution over the Years”