Advantages and Challenges of Cloud Testing

Software testing is one of the most important phase in any software development. It is used to verify and validate the quality, correctness, and completeness of the software product. It is usually done by using the infrastructure available in the organization. But with the increasing technological complexity it is becoming a challenge due to high cost to stimulate it, it is even harder to build and maintain in house testing facilities.

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Cloud Testing 101

Cloud testing or Testing as a Service includes functional and non functional testing of the applications. It can be used for verification and validations of various enterprise applications, infrastructure, and environment that are available on demand and owned by the organizations or individuals. Continue reading “Cloud Testing 101”

Comparison between Conventional and Cloud Testing

Cloud computing solutions have proved extremely beneficial for large as well as small organizations. It has made innovation as a feasible aspect. With the advancement of cloud technology and testing as services, more research must be done to address the issues and challenges in cloud testing. Innovative testing techniques and solutions are needed to support on-demand testing services in a cloud infrastructure with keeping security in perspective. Continue reading “Comparison between Conventional and Cloud Testing”

Top 8 Cloud Testing Tools – 2016

Tools that are used to test the conventional applications need to be re-evaluated when applied to cloud based applications in order to consider the network analysis, application, and environment changes implied by the cloud deployment, interoperability of application towards the other platforms and infrastructures. Continue reading “Top 8 Cloud Testing Tools – 2016”

SMAC Testing

As all applications now a day’s requires use of media, mobile, analytics, and cloud. So for testing the applications tester needs to individually test each of these four technologies. If an integrated technology is created as SMAC technology it will be much more efficient to test as compared to
Test them individually. This results in resource optimization and cost saving for the organization which results in Increase in ROI. Continue reading “SMAC Testing”

SMAC: Testing and Analytics

In today’s fast paced competitive environment; It is becoming challenging to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Though it is the key aspect to increase wallet share and grow in market.
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