Top 8 Cloud Testing Tools – 2016

Tools that are used to test the conventional applications need to be re-evaluated when applied to cloud based applications in order to consider the network analysis, application, and environment changes implied by the cloud deployment, interoperability of application towards the other platforms and infrastructures. Continue reading “Top 8 Cloud Testing Tools – 2016”

Testing Terminology 101

Whenever we talk about testing we come across many words such as defect, bug, fault, risk, error, failure and so on which seems to be very confusing. We are not able to differentiate them properly because meaning of these entire words look same on a broader way. But in actual this is not the case.
So let’s understand meaning of such words. Continue reading “Testing Terminology 101”

Selenium Tutorials: Introduction


With the advancement in technology now no one likes to do anything manually. All wants the work should be completed automatically and they can sit and relax!

Same concept applies in testing also. Doing testing manually is time consuming and tiresome. So testers are now looking towards automation testing. Continue reading “Selenium Tutorials: Introduction”