What is Private Cloud?

Typical IT environment consists of compute, storage, and network resources duplicated across many business units in same organization. Resources are under-utilized and wasted due to over provisioning or Application performance suffers due to under provisioning of resources.
Cloud computing includes a spectrum of many deployment models. Some thought leaders call Private Cloud a marketing phrase for a proprietary computing architecture to work with their existing data center resources for better utilization and agility while others have realized the importance of Private Cloud or Internal Cloud. Continue reading “What is Private Cloud?”

Cloud Computing: Service and Deployement Models

Cloud Computing has been regarded as a disruptive innovation in the recent years. Cloud Computing has been one of the disruptive innovations in past decade and lots of study and analysis has been done to select appropriate Cloud Deployment Model for specific application. Application can be varied in nature having different kind of requirements such as Banking and Finance Application, Knowledge Management Application etc. It has three Service Models and four deployment models as per NIST definition of Cloud Computing. Continue reading “Cloud Computing: Service and Deployement Models”