Typical IT environment consists of compute, storage, and network resources duplicated across many business units in same organization. Resources are under-utilized and wasted due to over provisioning or Application performance suffers due to under provisioning of resources. Cloud computing includes a spectrum of many deployment models. Some thought leaders call […]

What is Private Cloud?

Organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality solutions in an era dominated by Economic pressures and rigid deadlines. In addition, developing innovative solutions that streamline business processes has become an imperative to gain competitive advantage. Building applications even on a cloud service providers’ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) […]

Build Applications using Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Just an Idea for simple utility that helps to take Secure and Selective Backup/Restore on Cloud Helpful Features File versioning facilitates rollback/restoration for a specific point in time. Takes backup of critical files irrespective of traditional / hosted / cloud environment. Hybrid Encryption: AES and RSA Encryption for Faster and effective […]

Secure and Selective Backup/Restore on Cloud

In this post we will create and Amazon Linux Instance from Amazon AMI by using Amazon Management Console.   The obvious question in beginner’s mind is what is Amazon EC2?    In plain simple English, it provides resizable (elastic) compute capacity in Cloud environment. In traditional environment, the biggest challenge […]

Create a Linux Instance in Amazon EC2

For today’s global enterprises, customer application development and testing represents a large part of IT’s time and expense. Testing for every combination of platforms, devices, locations and network providers has become extremely complicated due to Multiple OS versions, hardware configurations and interface layers, Network performance across different geographies etc. Organizations […]

What is Cloud Testing

Problem Statement: Traditional Dev/Test environment include frequent implementation of steps manually. It is costly and increases “Time to market”. Dev/Test infrastructure has unstable capacity demand than production infrastructure. In Dev/Test environment resource availability, proper capacity, and stability is essential during SDLC. Solution: Cloud-based environment allows the computing resources and infrastructure […]

DevTest on Cloud

  IaaS PaaS SaaS Trusted virtual machine images Consideration Compliance to standards Multi-factor Authentication Application Security Scanning Encryption of logs End point Security Measures; Antivirus & IPS Host based Intrusion Detection/Prevention Proper key and log management Login History & Reports from SaaS vendors Mechanism to block and filter information traffic […]

Application Security Checklist Points for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS