AWS IAM: Groups – Create Group with Administrator Access

Now imagine a situation where you have 100-200 Users in your Cloud team and each one is specifically assigned to use specific service of AWS. However, It is also possible that multiple users can access specific AWS service and some users are given access to more than one AWS service. Continue reading “AWS IAM: Groups – Create Group with Administrator Access”

AWS Identity and Access Management 101

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the very popular, free to use, and significant web service that allows end users to manage users, groups, roles, credentials, Identity federation to allow corporate users to get temporary access to AWS account, multi factor authentication, and user permissions in AWS.

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AWS IAM: Activate Multi-factor Authentication on Root Account

In the previous post, we have seen how to Customize IAM users Sign-in Link. In this post we will see how to Activate Multi-factor Authentication on Root Account.

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AWS IAM: Customize IAM users Sign-in Link

Login to AWS Management Console and Click on AWS IAM Service.

Immediately you will notice that there is a IAM users sign-in link available. It will be useful to all users created in this account to sign-in. But to be frank, it is numbers and not easy to remember is it?

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Advantages and Challenges of Cloud Testing

Software testing is one of the most important phase in any software development. It is used to verify and validate the quality, correctness, and completeness of the software product. It is usually done by using the infrastructure available in the organization. But with the increasing technological complexity it is becoming a challenge due to high cost to stimulate it, it is even harder to build and maintain in house testing facilities.

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Cloud Testing 101

Cloud testing or Testing as a Service includes functional and non functional testing of the applications. It can be used for verification and validations of various enterprise applications, infrastructure, and environment that are available on demand and owned by the organizations or individuals. Continue reading “Cloud Testing 101”

Comparison between Conventional and Cloud Testing

Cloud computing solutions have proved extremely beneficial for large as well as small organizations. It has made innovation as a feasible aspect. With the advancement of cloud technology and testing as services, more research must be done to address the issues and challenges in cloud testing. Innovative testing techniques and solutions are needed to support on-demand testing services in a cloud infrastructure with keeping security in perspective. Continue reading “Comparison between Conventional and Cloud Testing”