Just an Idea for simple utility that helps to take Secure and Selective Backup/Restore on Cloud Helpful Features File versioning facilitates rollback/restoration for a specific point in time. Takes backup of critical files irrespective of traditional / hosted / cloud environment. Hybrid Encryption: AES and RSA Encryption for Faster and effective […]

Secure and Selective Backup/Restore on Cloud

In this post we will create and Amazon Linux Instance from Amazon AMI by using Amazon Management Console.   The obvious question in beginner’s mind is what is Amazon EC2?    In plain simple English, it provides resizable (elastic) compute capacity in Cloud environment. In traditional environment, the biggest challenge […]

Create a Linux Instance in Amazon EC2

Problem Statement: Traditional Dev/Test environment include frequent implementation of steps manually. It is costly and increases “Time to market”. Dev/Test infrastructure has unstable capacity demand than production infrastructure. In Dev/Test environment resource availability, proper capacity, and stability is essential during SDLC. Solution: Cloud-based environment allows the computing resources and infrastructure […]

DevTest on Cloud