Static Website Hosting with Amazon S3 8
Learn how Amazon S3 allows you to host a static website in this tutorial by Sunil Gulabani. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a web storage service accessed via the HTTP protocol using a web service interface. It is used to store/retrieve files centrally over the internet, which helps developers to create applications that […]

Static Website Hosting with Amazon S3

Learn encryption in AWS KMS in this tutorial by Zeal Vora, a DevSecOps engineer in defensive security. Key management service AWS KMS is a managed service that allows users to create and control the secret keys, which use HSM on the backend. In this approach, customers do not get a dedicated […]

Encryption in AWS KMS

AWS IAM is targeted for AWS resources only and not for custom Applications. It integrates with different AWS services. Limits: Roles: 250 Groups: 100 (1 User can be part of at most 10 Groups) Users: 5000 For more details: Limitations on IAM Entities and Objects

AWS IAM: Best Practices