Stack Trace in Java

Before understanding stack trace let use understands how Java applications are executed. Whenever a java application is executed, Heap is used to allocate memory at run time for various objects; apart from heap run time stack is created which is filled and removed for the methods and constructors calls. When the exception is raised the stack content is printed and hence is known as Stack trace. Looking at stack trace we can find the actual error and how our code reached their. The examples and diagrams are for understanding the concepts only. Continue reading “Stack Trace in Java”

What is Agile Scrum

System or Application evolves as per time. Things CHANGE and we need to adapt based on the changes. It is all about delivering desired outcome to customers by accommodating changes. Significant aspect of Agile is Team work and collaboration. It is no BIG BANG but it is an iterative / incremental approach. It is an umbrella term that includes many methodologies such as SCRUM, Extreme Programming, etc.┬áIt is more about approach while Scrum is an implementation. Continue reading “What is Agile Scrum”

How Waterfall Model Works

The waterfall model is a traditional way of creating an application where systems development life cycle (SDLC) is managed. It is a classical approach considering sequential development method. It has predefined phases to manage SDLC. Let’s consider how Waterfall looks like in real world. Water falls from the cliff or from some height and it never goes back (In normal scenario it is not possible right?). In similar manner, each phase has predefined goal to achieve and it can’t go back to fix it. Output of each phase is Input of next phase. Hence, it is very significant that each phase has an effective outcome else next phase will be affected. Continue reading “How Waterfall Model Works”