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In the last article, we discussed about Creating Cookbook In this post we will create Virtual machine by using knife-azure command: –azure-publish-settings-file Path to publishsettingsfile –azure-service-location Location at which new virtual machine needs to be created –azure-source-image Image ID for Source Window Image –winrm-user – Username for Windows Virtual Machine […]

Knife-azure to create VM on Microsoft Azure

In the last article, we discussed about Tutorial-Create Hosted Chef Account   In this post we will install Ruby Version Manager – It is a command line tool that assist in easily installing and managing multiple ruby environments from interpreters to sets of gems. Create a virtual machine Virtual Box or VMware […]

Install Ruby with RVM on CentOS

Technical benefits: Continuous software delivery Less complex problems to fix Faster resolution of problems Effective release management process allows superior leverage of distributed and/or outsourced development effort   Business benefits: Faster delivery of features More stable operating environments More time available to add value (rather than fix/maintain) Enable faster delivery […]

Benefits of DevOps with Tools and Technologies