How to Create an Azure Application Gateway

This tutorial by Mohammed Waly, the author of Hands-On Networking with Azure, explains the creation of an Azure Application Gateway in 6 simple steps.

In 2015, Microsoft announced one of its coolest and most important enterprise networking solutions in Azure—the Azure Application Gateway. Ever since then, this service has witnessed many enhancements based on customers’ feedback.

Azure Application Gateway is a layer 7 load balancing service for applications. It comes with many features for customers using web applications, including SSL and CPU offloading.  It also provides a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which protects web applications and prevents malicious attacks.

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Encryption in AWS KMS

Learn encryption in AWS KMS in this tutorial by Zeal Vora, a DevSecOps engineer in defensive security.

Key management service

AWS KMS is a managed service that allows users to create and control the secret keys, which use HSM on the backend. In this approach, customers do not get a dedicated access to HSM and get something similar to a shared approach. This reduces the cost tremendously followed by the time and efforts spent to manage an HSM appliance.

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How to Incorporate Web Content into a JavaFX Application

Learn how to work with web content in a JavaFX application in this book excerpt from Mastering JavaFX 10 by Sergey Grinev.

The WebView component is a component that can render modern HTML pages. It’s based on WebKit (, a widely used open-source browser engine.

WebView consists of two parts:

  • WebViewitself, which is a JavaFX node and can be used in SceneGraph
  • The WebEngineclass, which is responsible for all HTML and JavaScript logic

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Benefits of Completing Java Certification Course

If you are looking forward to settle in the IT industry, it is important that you know the correct approach towards this field. Technology is developing, it is pacing much ahead than the length it is growing. New concepts are making way towards development; it is one of the preferred fields where you can make your career large.

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Why It’s Time to Take Your Accounting Firm to The Cloud

Introduction: Understanding the Basics

When the cloud started becoming a big thing almost a decade ago, organisations of all types and sizes were quick to jump on the bandwagon with their desire to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. As with any hasty and poorly executed technology strategy, the initial enthusiasm was often met with a multitude of problems, such as poor compatibility with existing systems, security and compliance issues and a lack of in-house expertise needed to get everything up and running smoothly.

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What Do iOS App Developers Need To Know?

Soon, after android lovers got the good news about their favorite applications iOS never disappointed its users. The iOS is one of the top and amazing platform that has a list of amazing features to offer to its users. According to the research, iOS App Development Services  has more demand globally and has much advance community that demands iterations, in both architectures, and in the applications. Continue reading “What Do iOS App Developers Need To Know?”

How Artificial Intelligence can Transform Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has changed the way we store share and gather the information. Cloud computing is the concept of storing, managing and processing the huge amount of data over the internet rather than on a personal computer or local server. This has improved the speed of data exchange as cloud servers are more powerful and faster than the local servers. Artificial intelligence application is making the cloud computing smarter and faster. Machine learning algorithms can collect and analyze the huge amount of data and help in making decisions. Continue reading “How Artificial Intelligence can Transform Cloud Computing”

Getting Started With React : Setting up and building Hello World App in React

In this post we will develop a Hello World application using React. Before we starts we need to install node.js and npm on machine.

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Implementing DevOps with Microsoft Azure: Continuous Monitoring in Cloud Platform

We have already completed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery part of vision for application deployment. In this chapter, we cover another stepping stone in achieving end to end automation and that is Continuous Monitoring.

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